Global Sustainable City-Regions I

GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE CITY-REGIONSGlobal Sustainable City-Regions I: Mumbai, Shenzhen, Reykjavik, Portland, Budapest, Glasgow and Rotterdam

Comparing Seven City-Region Case-Studies in Three Research Postgraduate Teams from Two Methodological Modules: Global Cities: Sustainability and So­ciety & Public Policy, Governance and Strategic Change in Cities. (Msc Global Sustainable Cities 2015-2016).

This policy report, entitled ‘Global Sustainable City-Regions,’ covers the work developed by the lecturer, Dr Igor Calzada, MBA, as the editor of the publica­tion and students/participants of the first edition of the New Masters course MSc in Leadership for Global Sustainable Cities from September to December 2015.

Specifically, this policy report follows a two-sequential-module structure:

  • The first module, entitled ‘Global Cities: Sustainability and Society,’ consists of six methodological units.
  • Thereafter, the second module, entitled ‘Public Policy, Governance and Strategic Change in Cities,’ consists of five methodological units.

The policy report focuses on three urban global issues in a comparative ba­sis. The MSc was developed in a team-based dynamic by applying qualitative action research methodologies to understand and interpret each case and to benchmark and contrast with other cases that addressed the same global ur­ban issue.

The cases were selected jointly by the lecturer and the students/participants in a dynamic process in order to achieve a suitable selection of cases that would allow them to:

  • arrange groups around one specific global urban issue,
  • compare cases around the same specific urban issue, and
  • produce a full case study by applying the two-sequential-module methodology.

As a result, the following three global urban issues and seven Global Sustaina­ble City-Region case studies were selected. Each student/participant worked on each of them, as follows:

Global Southerners

  • Mumbai by Kirsten MacDonald
  • Shenzhen by Ning Qiu

Resilent Contradictors

  • Reykjavik by Criostoir Dynes
  • Portland by Gemma Murray
  • Budapest by Nikolett Watson-Puskas

Regional Networkers

  • Glasgow by Gavin McAdam
  • Rotterdam by Frankie Barrett

Calzada I. (Ed), MacDonald, K., Qiu, N., Dynes, C., Murray, G., Watson-Puskas, N., McAdam, G., & Barrett, F. (2016). Global Sustainable City-Regions: Mumbai, Shenzhen, Reykjavik, Portland, Budapest, Glasgow and Rotterdam. Donostia-San Sebastian. Translokal – Academic Entrepreneurship for Policy Making in collaboration with City Protocol Society & Institute for Future Cities, University of Strathclyde. ISBN (e-book): 978-8-49-427527-2. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3053.1609

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Institute for Future Cities. University of Strathclyde & City Protocol Society


Dr Igor Calzada MBA, Kirsten MacDonald, Ning Qiu, Criostoir Dynes, Gemma Murray, Nikolett Watson-Puskas, Gavin McAdam and Frankie Barrett.

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