is the day after independence but also the management of all of the strategic processes that need to be prepared beforehand, and the management of the governance of the plebiscite/referendum onwards. PostIndependence is to be understood per se as Independence, as a process or way rather than as a goal. Independence is not a black and white issue, and cannot be taken into account without its content. Thus, PostIndependence is an amalgamation of the knowledge and practice that we need in order to bring about the right to decide without previous determinism. In order to put this right to decide into practice we should prepare a future scenario that consists of a series of territorial policies and strategies. Following on from there, we ought to, starting today, prepare for, research, agree upon, work on, and disseminate these policies and strategies throughout the society. This future strategic scenario from today is, thus, what PostIndependence is all about.


is an essential leveraging effect, a mantra, or a tool that helps build the transition towards this future strategic scenario from today called PostIndependence. In order to start setting the scenario for PostIndependence, this notion has to be progressively developed in a systematic, effective, democratic, serious, and strategic manner. It should consist of a permeable and fruitful ongoing relationship with people internationally in order to join together the external with the internal, and reverse. We should ban the word “overseas”. On the other hand, we should understand that there ought to be a permanent nexus and exchange between the international community and the Basque Country with the ongoing #BeingThereWeAreHere as our mantra or slogan.


Calzada, I. (2014), PostIndependentzia > #HanIzanikHonaGara, TransLoKal – Academic Entrepreneurship for Policy Making – Publishing, Donostia. ISBN (e-book): 978-84-942752-1-0 & ISBN (paperback): 978-84-942752-2-7. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.33265.28007.


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